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I hold Master’s Degree in Maths, and my passion is to help students comprehend Geometry, Calculus, Discrete MATH, Diff Equations, and Linear Algebra, and more.

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Master’s Degree In Mathematics

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I can tutor students in the following subjects: **Algebra**Abstract Algebra**Algebraic Geometry**Discrete Math**Calculus**Set Theory**Differential Equations**Logic**Geometry**Linear Algebra**Number Theory**Combinatorics**Complex Analysis**Differential Geometry**Functional Analysis**Game Theory**Operations Research**Probability**Statistics**Topology**Trigonometry

Experience & Qualifications

Ideas are like windows that can open new avenues of opportunities for an individual. Better opportunities always attract every one and especially students because every youth desires to explore new and better ideas. Currently I am doing my masters in mathematics. I have many years of experience in teaching and tutoring Mathematics at different levels. I have set certain goals and objectives for myself. I want to enhance my vision that is to increase my existing knowledge. I want to have a stable and growing career. For that purpose, I want to engage in research that can help me in digging hard facts rather than work on self-assumed presumptions. I desire to realize the potential hidden in me. It means to identify the hidden talent and then develop it so that it can be useful for me. I desire to achieve education that can be beneficial for me. In short run, I want to achieve education that can help me realize myself and in long run.