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I have about 7 Years of experience in teaching different fields of Mathematics. I can guide you very well in Trigonometry.


1. Master of Science in Mathematics 2. Bachelor of Science in Physics 3. Bachelor of education

My Tutoring Service

I can teach and guide you confidently in any field of Trigonometry like Geometric foundations of trigonometry, Trigonometric identities, Solution of triangles, Advanced trigonometric concepts and methods, Numerical mathematics, De Moivre's formula, Euler's formula, Hermite's cotangent identity, Lagrange's trigonometric identities, Morrie's law, Pythagorean trigonometric identity, Tangent half-angle formula etc. So contact me hassle free here for any kind of help and guidance in Trigonometry.

Experience & Qualifications

I have about 7 Years of experience in teaching at State University. I can teach and guide you in any field of Mathematics and Physics. I believe in making strong base of concepts among students. So feel free to contact me for any kind of guidance.