Master’s in Business Administration. Advance Diploma in Creative Writing, Diploma in Information Technology.

My Tutoring Service

Teaching life sciences is my passion, I have been teaching this since 2009, you will get best mentoring in it. I can build your basics about it, I am full time professional here at presto and can also mentor you in Economics, Engineering, Philosophy, Psychology and Statistics. Most importantly I try to make myself available 24/7 so my clients can easily access me through this reliable plat form. I am already providing my services in various local and international programming institutions as visiting faculty. My goal is to give my cent percent, and client satisfaction is in my top priority list. I am a woman of my words

Experience & Qualifications

I'm proficient not only in several Development tools, but also in Database Design, Administration and Functional & Technical Analysis. In order to complement my technical skills I've also acquired Project Management skills that help me plan, organize and control small and Large Development Projects. I have taught many subjects to my students in previous years, which includes history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, Business, English, Life sciences, marketing, ethics and so on.