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For any doubts in the field of genetics (molecular as well as classical) I have the answers


1) M.Sc Biotechnology (Gold medalist) 2) B.Sc Biotechnology 3) UGC-NET qualified(eligible to teach at graduate and post graduate level throughout India), GATE rank-47, 4) Have completed coursework involved in PhD (Advanced Molecular Biology techniques, Cell Biology, Intracellular Trafficking, Biochemistry) 5) Have attended many conferences and talks by eminent scientists 6) Bachelors in Education (B. Ed Science and Mathematics)

My Tutoring Service

I have been studying genetics since high school up till masters as one of my favorite subjects and have a very strong hold over it. Following that I have been teaching Genetics to both Bachelors and Masters students as well therefore I am good at clearing doubts and explaining concepts of genetics. If you need any help with Genetics, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to end your genetic woes.

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3 years experience in teaching Bachelors and Masters students. I have been involved in designing, explaining and conducting practicals for Integrated PhD students. I am sure, with my love for the subject and a passion for teaching, I can help you with your problems.