Qualifications: 1) B.Sc (Honors, Microbiology) Gold Medalist stood first in the whole university. 2) M.Phil (Master of Philosophy, Applied Microbiology) Special recognition for pioneer research done & nominated for inclusion in “Marquis Who is Who” for this pioneer research done. 3) Fellow of ASM (American Society of Microbiology) since 1991.

My Tutoring Service

Tutoring, MENTORING, GUIDANCE, EDITING AND FORMATING FOR YOUR difficulties with Genetics. I can provide guidance, tutoring, mentoring and formatting in the following subjects. NOTE: Please be aware that I do not provide any service which may be used for any purpose that is harmful, unethical, fraudulent, deceptive or offensive in any manner. I have over fifteen years of teaching experience in different universities all over the world and I provide the best tutoring, guidance, editing, mentoring and formatting on genetics issues related to fundamental, theoretical and practical questions regarding the concepts of life, biochemical and physiological aspects, environmental and ecological concepts, bioinformatics, biotechnological and research related concepts. Topics covered include: • Cell biology (Meiosis & Mitosis) • DNA, Genes & Chromosomes [Basics of Chromosomes, Genetic Code Replication, RNA Structure of the Double Helix Transcription (Gene Expression)Translation] • Heredity or Inheritance Patterns (Family Health History, Genetic Traits, Mendelian Inheritance, Mitochondrial Inheritance, Multifactorial Inheritance/Complex Disease Sexual Heredity vs Asexual Heredity) • Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment (Epigenome) • Genetic Conditions (like Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, Gene Therapy, Genetic Traits, Hemophilia, Huntington Disease Mutations, Sickle Cell Anemia & Tay-Sachs Disease) • Evolution (Genetic Drift, Natural Selection, Origins of Genetic Variations, Human diversity, the diverse strains of Helicobacter pylori and human infections) • Biostatistics (Genomics/Population Genetics , Probability) • Biotechnology (Agricultural Biotechnology, Cloning, Genetic Testing) • DNA Forensics (DNA Fingerprinting & Forensics in the Courtroom) • Top Issues In Genetics (Bioethics & Bioinformatics) • DNA Barcoding • DNA Day • DNA Nanotechnology • Genealogical Tracing • Genetics in Society • Genetics of Infectious Diseases • Human Genome Project • Patient Genetic Testing/Carrier Screening • Stem Cell Research • Biotechnology • Nanotechnology • Earth Systems Engineering Academic Formats Available: • APA • MLA • Harvard • Chicago • AAA • ASA • CSE • Turabian

Experience & Qualifications

I have over fifteen years of experience in teaching in various countries at all levels in reputed Universities. I am working on three prestigious projects with WHO (MGD goals program), UNICEF and UNDP at present. I have published several papers in internationally accredited journals. Copyright@2010 ApexTutor