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I am a Pre doctorate of Botany with more than 21 years experience helping students of A levels and graduation.


Masters in botany, Pre doctorate in stress physiology of plant. Professional teaching degree of Botany and Zoology.

My Tutoring Service

I have done masters in Botany and Pre-doctorate in stress physiology. My research papers are related with pathology, morphology, anatomy,bio chemistry of plants and water logging and salinity.I am currently teaching O level and A level in a recognized international educational institute. I am here to support the students to enhance their understanding in the relevant field.

Experience & Qualifications

My journey to botany with a specialty in plant stress physiology dates back to the late nineties in different countries of the world and is going on till now. Throughout this journey I have not only studied but guided, facilitated and supported others. As because I have emphasized both on teaching and learning my skills of writing and especially journal style writing is well developed. I have a teaching experience of twenty-one years in the field of botany and a two-year extensive experience of field research. I have also done a diploma of teaching and learning from the Cambridge University and so I happen to have an updated knowledge of guiding the learners. Other than that, I have a B.Ed degree in biology and chemistry and therefore I am well aware of guiding and handling practical’s as well as alternate to practical’s of these subjects. Currently I am associated with providing help and support, and guidance to the Biology teachers of senior Cambridge classes. But I can also design curriculum of these subjects according to Understanding by design. I am a trust-able resource, highly committed and a reliable mentor.