M.S in Biotechnology, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, MS in Psychology.

My Tutoring Service

I can help students in a wide range of subjects from humanities to sciences. I have keen interest in studying and teaching. I have long time Experience in academic writing. My subjects of expertise includes Zoology, Botany, biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Applied Immunology, Medical Biotechnology Applied Enzymology, Genetic Engineering, Animal Cell and Tissue Culture, Gene Expression and Control, Molecular Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Human Genetics Human Physiology and Anatomy, Medicine Biomedical Instrumentation, Environmental studies, English, Psychology. You can trust my quality services without any doubt.

Experience & Qualifications

I am PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Currently, I have been working as an appointed lecturer at reputable university for the last 1 year. I can educate you and provide quality tutoring. I have Three years’ experience of academic mentoring on the following subjects from different universities all across the world: Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Civil Engineering, psychology. Also 2 years job experience in the following disciplines: histopathology, biochemistry, serology and hematology and Clinical psychology.