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You can get mentoring assistance in various subjects like Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Physics, Bio-Sciences etc.


MS Environmental Sciences, Urban & Regional Planning, MS (Environmental Biotechnology).

My Tutoring Service

I have 4 years’ experience of online tutoring. With my teaching experience at university level, I can provide online mentoring and quality tutoring in various subjects up to post graduation level like *(Life sciences, Biology, Health Sciences, Microbiology, Virology), *(OSHA), *(Environmental Sciences, Nanotechnology, Climate Change, Geology, Geography, Current Environmental issues, Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, Air Quality), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Humanities (Sociology, Education, Political Science, English), Mathematics and Physics (Calculus, Mathematical Numbers, Group Theory, Differential Equations of First and Higher level, Mechanics) and many others.

Experience & Qualifications

* A well reputed Freelance mentor and tutor of Sciences Subject* 4 years’ experience of online tutoring *with excellent academic record at graduate and undergraduate levels, I also secured Gold Medal in MS in major subjects *publications in international journals.