Qualifications: 1) B.Sc (Honors) Gold Medalist stood first in the whole university. 2) M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) Special recognition for pioneer research done & nominated for inclusion in “Marquis Who is Who” for this pioneer research done.

My Tutoring Service

I provide tutoring, mentoring, editing and formatting for your Philosophy concepts. NOTE: Please be aware that I do not provide any service which may be used for any purpose that is harmful, unethical, fraudulent, deceptive or offensive in any manner. I provide the best, Tutoring, guidance, editing, mentoring and formatting in Philosophy so students can understand I provide the best, Tutoring, guidance, editing, mentoring and formatting in Philosophy so students can understand fundamental theoretical and structural questions regarding the critical conceptualization of various Philosophy theories, schools of thought, forms and their understanding. I provide tutoring, mentoring and guidance services in all archeology subjects for all levels like school, under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD. I provide the best services, clear and honest communication as well as a fast turn-about time. Topics covered include: ? Ethics, theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, etc) as well as selections from contemporary as well as classical authors ? Methods of Reasoning including tools and evaluation of the various patterns of reasoning ? Philosophy of Science topics like concepts of theory, observation, and scientific method, reductionism, behaviorism, functionalism, and cognitivism ? Inspired Lives, Moral Exemplars and Visionaries, their character and conscience, teaching and deeds of reputed ethical exemplars ? Asian Philosophy & traditions ? Sanity, Madness, and Society topics like models of human beings associated with various theories of madness & the work of authors like Laing, Szasz, Goffman, Sartre, Bateson, and Freud ? Different religious traditions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto and their concepts of radical defectiveness, the sacred, ways of ultimate transformation, and human perfection ? Social, Environmental and Political Philosophy concepts such as freedom, rights, and consent and their interrelationship with justice, law, and human welfare, quality of life, environment, nature, global ecology, and the religious, mythic-poetic, and scientific dimensions of the man-nature matrix ? Ethics topics such as traditional and contemporary works in ethical theory, ethical and cultural relativism, egoism, freedom, and responsibility ? Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence ? Scientific Revolutions, Philosophical Problems of Space, Philosophy of Mathematics and the time relevant aspects of the work of Kant, Leibniz, and Newton, Gauss, Riemann, and Poincare, Faraday, Maxwell, and Einstein Academic Formats Available: ? APA ? MLA ? Harvard ? Chicago ? AAA ? ASA ? CSE ? Turabian

Experience & Qualifications

I have over fifteen years of experience in teaching in various countries at all levels in reputed Universities. I am working on three prestigious projects with WHO (MGD goals program), UNICEF and UNDP at present. I have published several papers in internationally accredited journals. Copyright@2010 ApexTutor