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I can help you understand communication messages comprehensively in a way that you may convey it to other people effectively as well.


  • Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA).
  • Associate Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA).
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) with major in marketing.
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    Journalism can be defined as social activity which is concerned about the distribution of news about and to the society. There are five areas journalism deals with which include newspapers, radio, television, films and advertising. In this modern age, journalism is the emerging field and is providing education at all stages to everyone in the society. Journalism is concerned about the activity that involves writing, preparation and production communication. Journalism is spreading awareness to the people about what is happening in our society and that are far beyond the eyes of ordinary people.

    With the help of journalism, literacy can be spread among the people who are the basic backbone of developing a country. Journalism is spreading the purpose that is very important for a nation to succeed; or maybe even to protest against the violence in the country. Journalism is about the publication of news and events related to human activities and their representation in newspapers and periodicals. Main function of journalism is to convey the national policies to the general public as well to informing the government about the needs and wants of the general public. I can definitely help you identify and comprehend messages that are relevant to you and the people.

    Let me help you achieve the utilitarian purpose of Journalism which is to provide information and knowledge to its readers through publications of short stories, poems, sports, cinema features, emerging social violence and many others.

    Experience & Qualifications

    • Investor in penny stock since 2010.
    • Freelance business and marketing consultant since 2010.
    • Freelancer on liveperson since February 2012and served over 800 clients.
    • Eighteen months experience of working as an audit trainee in a reputable firm of accountants.
    • One year experience as a teacher assistant (ACCA skill module), where I was regularly involved in preparing and marking test papers and helping students in their studies.