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You can contact me to get my mentoring and tutoring assistance in all areas of education especially in Journalism Subject.


MBA(Gold Medalist), BBA (Hons)

My Tutoring Service

I can provide guidance and give you my mentoring and tutoring services regarding subjects like History, Journalism, English literature, Humanities, Business, Sociology, Management, Advertising, Public Relations, International Relations, US History, World History, Art History and Mass Communication etc. I have good know-how of using different Citation Styles like APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard and can guide you well in this regard.

Experience & Qualifications

I have served numerous Students in the field of tutoring since last 4 years.I use the skills in a position that would extend the horizon of knowledge, experience and professional development. I gained my personal skills in Business Administration with study of diverse areas like History,sociology,psychology, political science, political law, IT subjects, and humanities. After studying this I have been working as a tutor, 4 years of teaching experience and 5 years of working experience with different international organizations world wide has broaden my knowledge and experience to serve at international platform. I can work according to client’s requirement.