Naheed Away
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Field journalist with a decade of adventurous journalism experience is here to guide you everything about journalism and contemporary issues.


certificate in investigative journalism, short course in TV News programming, Gender based news from Pakistan Television News. M.Phil International Relations, M.A political Science, M. A English literature and linguistics. B.Sc Botany Zoology and Chemistry, Bachelor in Education.

My Tutoring Service

I am well versed in all political and social contemporary issues and can teach journalism, history and political science. I have a decade of experience for covering, war on terror, human rights violation and many social issues being a journalist. My research areas include south Asia politics (conflict and cooperation in south Asia), Global War on Terror, Middle East conflict, US and China diverging and converging interests in different regions of the world and any recent research area of social sciences.

Experience & Qualifications

I am pioneer member of Country's premier News agency's video News service. My career started when country and whole world was facing War on Terror and my country had to go with US to fight this menace. My research on media evolution, international political scenario has enabled me to get sound experience of journalism. I am a working Journalist in Associated Press of Pakistan since ten years and my duties here include research on social issues and documentary production on news worthy and important social subjects. I am also serving as trainer strategic communication against War on Terror.