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I teach in all areas of history through appropriate guideline. My experience urges me to offer tutoring and mentoring services in History.


Bachelor of Science(English, Literature, Science Subjects)

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I have been working as a lecturer in a university and I have 5 years of teaching experience. I have vast experience and knowledge in all areas of education, especially in Business, Humanities, Life Sciences, Politics, English, Anthropology, History, Literature and Social Sciences. For any person in this world career and success is the most important thing. Some people have a sharp mind from early childhood, but others do work hard for success. For me, everyone should work hard to learn knowledge. I do not compromise on a hardworking and deadlines. I will guide you in your problems through mentoring and tutoring.

Experience & Qualifications

I have teaching and tutoring experience of 5 years. I have a BS degree. I have worked with different international companies including freelancing, ad agencies, news agencies and call centers. i am here to offer my tutoring and mentoring services to those clients who want to learn knowledge.