Master in English Literature

My Tutoring Service

I have experience to train you in how to research & write medical writings, nutrition and dietary plans, Eastern medicinal properties, Western medicinal terminology and writing, sports science reporting and herbal tinctures and remedies, as well as being knowledgeable about women’s health issues, allergies and immunology.

Experience & Qualifications

• Certificate in Fitness • Certified Personal Trainer • Weight Loss Specialist • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach • Bachelor Degree in Science. • Skilled in infectious disease control. • Lab Reports. • Medical Student Mentoring. I want to support you through your troubling times. Having spent many years working as a volunteer for organizations such as UNICEF, WFP, UN and UNAIDS, I am a compassionate, caring person who is able to discuss your medical issues with confidentiality and expertise, taking away some of your stress. With many years’ experience in the Health and Medicine Industry, I am able to competently advise you about all facets of health, fitness and nutrition, creating tailor made meal and exercise plans to ensure you are at your optimal best.