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I am certified healthcare professional with 7 years' experience in health and medicine. I am available 24/7 hours for your support.


The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)

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Health and illness over the life course, sick and disease, anesthesia management of the surgical patient, specialized nutrition support in the surgical patient, preoperative testing, surgery in the elderly, obesity, renal disease, HIV infection, fever and infection in the postoperative setting, endocrinology, transplantation, psychiatric disorders, neurology, surgical procedures and complications, medication safety for surgical patients, informed consent and decision making capacity, ethical considerations in the surgical patient, preoperative pain management, the medical consult, cardiovascular disease, disorders of red cells, postoperative chest pain and shortness of breath, hypertension, blood transfusion: preoperative considerations and complications, infectious disease, preventive antibiotic in surgery, blood decision making in health care, managing uncertainty, choosing best treatment, valuing outcomes, interpreting diagnostic information, deciding when to test, multiple test results, finding and summarizing the evidence, medicine in mental health services, medical management in acute care, medical management for surgical patient, medicine administration, medical management in private and primary healthcare, public health, constrained resources, quality and safety, leadership styles and skills, recurring events, estimation, calibration and validation, heterogeneity and uncertainty, psychology of judgment and choice, Medical ethics and law, therapeutic modalities: a cross cultural perspective, biomedicine: emergence and evolution in cultural context, reforming medicine, developing cultural sensitivity, leadership styles and skills, health care information systems, innovation and health care, health care commissioning and contracting, measuring health care outcomes, change and project management, evidence-based health care and medical management, the role of board and its directors including executive medical director, the doctors as chief executives, roles and challenges of a clinical director, financial issues for doctors, developing personal effectiveness for becoming effective doctor, doctors in difficulty, medical education and training, appraisals and revalidation, , attitudes and beliefs, child development, conditioning and learning, intelligence, judgment and decision making, skilled performance, social interaction, childhood influences on health, clinical support services, knowledge management, environment of care management, financial management, human resources management, the physician organization, acute care to community health, internal consulting, marketing and strategy, transforming nursing practices, IT and health care strategy alignment, information system implementation in health care sector, interpersonal role in medicine management, preventive antibiotic in surgery

Experience & Qualifications

Since 2009, … Elder Care Clinic and the … Homeless Clinic, I addressed a wide range of clinical issues facing elderly patients and their care givers, including managing diabetes, glaucoma, and surgical patients. My clinical experience and training enables me to triage patients, conduct patient interviews, propose diagnosis and treatment plans and make referrals for patients who need ongoing specialized or emergency care. I have extensive experience working in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams at the … Care hospital, I used my interpersonal skills in a medical capacity between the patient/caregiver and the staff. These experiences have taught me how to address patients and care givers professionally and respectfully, discuss their concerns, and manage their frustrations. What I cherish most about my role as a clinician and health-care IT manager, is working in collaborations with other health professionals, patients and care givers to address a complex health issue with both clinical and educational tools.