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I can mentor and tutor you in all issues related to English language. If you want to lean English language please give me one chance.


Bachelor of Science(English, Literature, Science Subjects)

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I am handling English language issues since last 5 years. I can teach you English step to step from beginning. After using my tutoring and mentoring services you will learn it in few months. I have vast experience of tutoring in other areas like Business, Literature, Social sciences, Anthropology, Politics, Philosophy, Life Sciences and History. I will mentor you in understanding different problems related to above mentioned fields. I am offering my tutoring and mentoring services who want to learn. I offer my tutoring services to all my clients at low prices.

Experience & Qualifications

I have teaching and tutoring experience of 5 years. I have a BS degree. I have worked with different international companies including freelancing, ad agencies, news agencies and call centers. Being a professional tutor I will guide my clients in their problems.