Master in English Literature

My Tutoring Service

I have a strong grasp on all facets of English. From foundation level through to mastery of English, I am qualified to expertly handle all your English requirements. I can help you correctly punctuate words, speak clearly, understand the grammatical rules of English and improve your vocabulary and conversational English proficiencies.

Experience & Qualifications

• Fluent in English • Linguistics Major • Bachelor Degree in Education • Degree in ESL • Punctuation, vowel formation, syntax, speech patterns. I will provide an all-encompassing English service. From written to Oral, I will provide you with a masterful command of English. If you need help to write academically, or casually; I will commit to aiding you from the initial concept of your project through to its completion. I will also able to assist you to build your confidence levels up regarding oral English – You will be delivering speeches like a native English speaker in no time at all.