I am an engineering graduate from one of the most prestigious institution.

My Tutoring Service

I can mentor you in the concepts of your subject.Education and Tutoring is my strongest field. So you can expect an ethical tutoring help from my side. Apart from my tutoring passion, it’s my bread and butter as well .I shall leave no stone unturned to make you understand the topic. The client can even contact me 10 times for free if he or she feels confusion in certain concept for some past session.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been tutoring here for past 8 years in various subjects of Education .In all these years I have learnt a lot myself .I know very well where a student is facing problem. I work with full responsibility in making you understanding the topic. My main concern is to help you in taking interest in your subject and once you feel that, you will enjoy understanding the subject. Students often fear to face handling problems in a subject, it’s because without understanding they start tackling it. I can bet if you understand the concepts, only a few problems can make you the master of subject. My services will be based mainly on the root of topic and once you believe me and patiently do as I guide you, it’s for sure you would love your subject. I often start teaching philosophy and moral science; because I truly believe a better mind finds solace in a beautiful heart. I really feel sad when a student comes to me and he has a scary feeling for the subject .I will guide you in such a manner that all your scary feeling will fade away.A better education is none other than a better understanding.