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I have been tutoring and mentoring students and learners for past 7 years as full-time job and as freelance mentor for past 5 years. I have helped students from different backgrounds


B.s. Computer Science

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My Major is computer science. Having vast experience in programming languages C C++ C# Java Python. I have vast experience in coding for Mobile applications, desktop applications, computer programs and Android Applications as well as IOS Applications. 5 years of experience in development sector, have worked in many software houses in local markets so far. Gained good and sound knowledge in the relevant field of computer programming, mobile application programming. Beside these all i have great experience in lower level languages too, Assembly language, Machine language, Matlab, DOS batch language, Digital command language, Tandem Advanced command language, Unix shell. have done many development in MySQL, Oracle and all other databases too. Worked on Ada Multipurpose language too. Some concurrent languages including Ada, Alef, Ateji PX, ChucK, Cilk, Java are also my passion to work on and having good experience too in these sort of languages. Curly Bracket Languages are my Favorite strong zone and love to work on it. Gained great and vast experience in Curly Bracket languages for Application development.

Experience & Qualifications

I have done Bachelor in Computer Science and having almost more than 5 years of Programming experience in my field. Have done with many projects and application development. Having great and vast experience as well as sound and better knowledge of Curly bracket languages including C C++ C# Cylon etc and Concurrent languages including Ada, Alef, Ateji PX, ChucK, Cilk, Java. Programming is my passion and interest area.