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Artificial Intelligence

3 Year Experience in machine learning and data mining. 6 Years experience in web development ASP , PHP. 8 Year experience in computer programming c c++ python java c# matlab


BS, Computer Science. National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad.

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Work Experience Implementation of modern machine learning algorithms using [Python, NumPy, Pandas, MatplotLib] Naive Bayes for spam filtering Decision Trees and Random Forrests Linear Regression , Logistic Regression , SVM , Perceptron Gradient Decent , Stocastic Gradient Decent Neural Networks OTTO Product Classification Challenge Kaggle[Python, Machine Learning, Numpy] Participated in OTTO product classification challenge as a semester Project for Data Mining course. Got really good results as being the student at that time. The Implementation techniques used were: Multi-Class Logistic Regression Multi-Class SVM KNN Neural Networks I got the log loss of 0.50 as the winner had log-loss of 0.38 Jobs Trend Analysis [Asp.Net, C#, Oracle 11g , MVC, CanvasJS, Bootstrap, Jquery , Ajax , EMF, Linq] Designed Web crawler to extract jobs and applied data mining techniques to make user specific job suggestions and find current trends. Election Management System [Java, Swing, JFreeCharts, UML, Hibernate] Object Oriented Analysis and design of election management system. Implementation of proposed design using Java, Swing and Oracle Database. Monopoly [Java, Piccolo, Swing, OpenGL] Development of client server based monopoly game as an Advanced Programming semester project using Piccolo, Swing and OpenGL for interface. Parallel Port Data Transmitting [Assembly(x86)] Data Transmission over the parallel port using Intel-8086 Assembly Language. File Transfer Protocol [C, Socket Programming] Designed and developed reliable file transfer protocol over UDP. Student Management System [PHP, Oracle, ER-Modeling , Bootstrap, CSS , Jquery , AJAX , Jason] Designed Student Management System as database project used PHP and oracle as a database.

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Summary Of Qualifications Conducted Web development workshop as an instructor. Lab Instructor, Database Systems (Oracle , PHP) Lab Instructor, Operating System (POSIX API) Teaching Assistant, Computer Architecture (MIPS) Teaching Assistant, Data Structure Teaching Assistant, COAL (Computer Organization and Assembly Language x86)