Dr. Jaizy

Dr. Jaizy Away
Tutor in:

I Teach and Mentor Analytical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Biochemistry.



My Tutoring Service

Will be available to teach and mentor the academic and research based on the topics relevant to chemistry such as 1. Organic synthesis 2. Analytical Chemistry 3. Chromatography, Potentiometry, Acid-Base calculations, X-ray Crystallography 4. DNA, RNA, Bio-sensors, DNA labeling, Flourometric studies. 5. Thermodynamic, Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry. 6. Inorganic reactions, Transition metal Complexes, Catalysis.

Experience & Qualifications

Perusing PhD. Current research on perylene based derivatives, photo-physical properties, labeling with optamers and oligoes, study bio-sensing. Past Research on Hetero cyclic compounds, Crystallization, co-crystals, X-ray diffraction.