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Comprehensive, with practical experience in chromatography, biochemistry, clinical chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and drug design, as well as fundamental chemistry.


M.Sc. Biochemistry (chemistry is an ancillary) and M.Sc. Bioinformatics

My Tutoring Service

I routinely perform TLC, and other forms of chromatography, such as ion-exchange, affinity, size-exclusion, etc..., sometimes using an FPLC system. My practical expertise in the closely related areas of biochemistry, protein chemistry, clinical/medical chemistry and organic chemistry (organic synthesis) also greatly help me in designing the experiments, as well as in advanced troubleshooting.

Experience & Qualifications

All through my college, followed by internships, and my PhD research, I've been performing TLC for small molecules, routinely. For the same duration, I've also been using various other forms of chromatography like size-exclusion, affinity, ion-exchange, etc... My efficiency in designing and troubleshooting with chromatography is greatly enhanced by my expertise in biochemistry, protein purification, and organic chemistry.