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You have found an exceptional Tutor who is willing to provide his services in business education, marketing, business planning, human recourse and general management etc.


PhD in Business Administration

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I have vast experience of Tutoring. Over last 6 years, I have provided Tutoring services in several subjects including with, Business Planning,Marketing Planning, Strategic Management, Human Resource, Financial Planning, Social Sciences, International Business, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Business Mathematics, Advertising, Marketing, Supply Chain, and E-commerce etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have more than Six Years of experience in the tutoring of Business subjects specifically, Marketing, HRM, Supply Chain, Consumer Behavior, Finance and many more. My primary focus is to give my best for my clients and provide timely services without any delays.Currently, I Torturing to international clients through E-Commerce and has served more than 2 Million clients in last 6 years all over the world.