Salman.Y Away
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Boost your results and skills with excellent tutoring service for all Accounting and Finance subjects.


M.Sc Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Law), Advance Diploma of Accounting and B.A. Mass Communication

My Tutoring Service

I am a qualified accountant with an extensive experience in both industry and academic fields. I have a strong Tutoring and analytical skills. I have been successfully lecturing and providing guidelines to students since 2011, at this platform. I competently offer guidance to boost academic results for the subjects of Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Theory, Financial Management and Auditing. While having trust in my talent, I am fully aware of my responsibilities and I do appreciate my clients for putting their confidence and trust in my tutoring skills.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a professional with experience working in jobs where I have needed to use my strong business skills coupled with my excellent people skills to get things done. Currently, I am a full time tutor at I worked as an appointed lecturer at reputable universities for 8 years.