Dolby Dubrow

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Expert in:
Building Self-Esteem

Let me assist you in building confidence in yourself, teaching strategies of the wise owl who is aware of the changing circumstances in life.


Bachelor of Psychology, Masters, and Ph.D. in Metaphysics Certified ICF Life Coach, Board Certified Coach (BCC)

My Expert Service

Our self-esteem changes as your life encounter's new challenges. Like the owl who understands the physical presence of grace and alertness, I will help you embrace that quality within YOU. We need the motivation to practice, gain our confidence and sharpen our skills to increase our sense of self. When you live YOUR values with integrity, you are planting seeds in your soil of 'self-esteem.' I will assist you in taking inventory of your strengths, help you realize how fabulous you are, appreciate who YOU are and your place in this world. The relationship with yourself is one of the essential aspects of a healthy sense of self. Tending your garden will grow your soul in more ways than you can imagine. Together we can empower you as you continue to move forward in the direction of living YOUR rich, delicious fascinating life.

Experience & Qualifications

When it comes to psychology/wisdom, I have traveled many long roads, and I have great compassion for the souls calling. I love working with people, watching them empower themselves as they gain the inner knowing about themselves. My specialty is in 'Personal Life Coaching' to transform oneself into the person they feel called to be. Together WE discover what works for YOU. I am non-traditional, I believe that 'NORMAL' is subjective. Together we can explore who you are, live your life in a way that you shine, feel empowered because you are unique, and your presence matters. I have a natural ability assisting you to discover YOUR true nature. I love what I do, coaching others and watching them Transform! Bachelor of Psych CSUN Bachelor of metaphysics AIHT Master of Science in Metaphysics AIHT Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics AIHT Board Certified Life Coach ICF Certified.