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Family Law

Information and assistance in family law, including divorce, custody, domestic violence, protective parents, child support, relocation, and more.


Juris Doctor and BA in Psychology

My Expert Service

I offer a coaching service which many clients like. As you need, this service offers legal advice, education in the law as it pertains to your case, document preparation, assistance with case management, and coaching/preparation for court appearances (including how to properly introduce evidence, potential objections/responses to objections, and making legally persuasive arguments). My primary field is family law, but I have experience with tax law, Social Security law, veteran's law, civil/contract disputes, and others.

Experience & Qualifications

Graduated law school as class rank #1. Have over 10 years legal experience in multiple jurisdictions. Prior to law school, I was an accountant, and at one time, I was approved as a returns preparer by the IRS. I have experience with Social Security disability claims and have coached several people through processing their claims (up to hearings in front of an administrative law judge). I have also assisted many people with issues surrounding veterans benefits, including disability claims and vocational rehabilitation and education.