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Expert in:
Wireless Technology

Masters degree in Electronis & Telecommunication. I can help you in writing reports,design Wireless LAN, LAN & WAN, network security, WLAN security.


M.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication from University of Allahabad (UP) India. Memeber Indian Institute Of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineers.

My Expert Service

Consultancy services for feasibility study, design, preparation of specifications, inspection, installation & commissioning supervision of: 1. Fiber optic network. 2. Back bone for Internet & Internet gateways. 3. Corporate Communication network LAN & WAN using the most cost effective solution. 6. Wrioting reprts on security systems & preparation of security policy.

Experience & Qualifications

25 Yrs experience in oil & Gas industry for LAN, WAN, SCADA Systems & telecommunication System network with India's Oil & Natural Gas Company Ltd & Gas Authority of India Ltd in their telecommunication division. Presently independent consultant since 1996. Brief work experience is given below: - Telecommunication & SCADA System for Bombay High Offshore Oil field involving satellite earth stations, microwave, UHF & VHF systems & SCADA system. -600 Km long fiber optic link implementation, operation. -Countrywide LAN & WAN design & implementation for Gas Authority of India including packet switched data network. - Internet backbone & Satellite based Internet Gateway system design, prepartion of specifications & evaluation for GSPC an ISP. - LAN & WAN system design for Smruti Compubits, a BPO company in India. - LAN & WAN system design (Inculding use of wireless technology for WAN) for upgradation of Bagdad railway station projcet being tenedered by AL-BAYARAK AL-BAIDA Co., Kuwait. - LAN & WAN design for ACME Ltd. for implementing IT netwrok accross 4 cities in USA. - -Many other projects for LAN & WAN design including design,prearation of specifications, project report, selection of equipment like Computers, network cards, Hubs, Switches,routers, modems, wireless hubs, bridges, switches based on 802.1xx technology - Preparation of Security system reports, SEcurity policy for LAN, WAN, WLAN etc.