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Software consultant with more than nine years experience dealing with Python, Django etc. Areas of expertise include: Web development, database design, python development etc


Master of Computer Application(MCA)

My Expert Service

I am a software consultant and freelancer worked for clients like world bank, MMB Finance, Symphony Music etc. Designed and developed a general purpose application networking class library for Open Source software projects. OOP and have used many different classes of Python. One software was written in Python and used TCP & UDP networking, Twisted, event driven asynchronous programming techniques I created risk management system using the bank's Python based Athena platform. I developed up-stream feeds for STP of trades to the backend. This used Python, IBM Websphere MQ, XML and xpath

Experience & Qualifications

I have completed my Master of Computer Application (MCA) in 2004. and I have more than 15+ years of experience in programming. I have worked with almost every programming languages but I am very much comfortable in python language. I have used lots of python packages for my different clients.