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Perl and PHP CGI, Server side Text and data processing processing web applications on Apache based web servers. Usage such as Web Forms, Carts, Email Parsing and processing.


B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

My Expert Service

I provide following Perl CGI / PHP CGI expertise.
1. PERL based text processing
2. Cpanel and Web hostmanager Scripts in perl for various automated tasks in hosting comapany
3. Perl CGI based customized shopping carts such as and other perl CGI based classifieds applications using FLAT file based databases instead of MySQL
4. Domain Seller/Registration/WHOIS scripts in Perl CGI installation customization and debug
5. Raw access log analysers in Perl CGI: Parsing various access logs in web servers and extarcting useful info.
6. Any custom text processing web application.

Experience & Qualifications

Running my own web development company specialising in open source web development in general. 10+ years of experience in web enabled computing application development. PHP and PERL CGI scripts for custom computing tasks.