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Have great experience in web design and development.Worked on many ASP web applications using MVC architecture.


Masters in Computer Science, Bachelors in Computer Science

My Expert Service

Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Swift Database Systems: SQL, MySQL,MS Access, Oracle. Web development and design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Jquery,Ajax,NodeJS,PHP, ASP.NET. MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point,Access, Microsoft Visio. Operating Systems: Linux. IDEs like Visual Studio, eclipse, NetBeans, Aptana Studio, Pycharm, Android Studio and Xcode Data Structures. Object oriented Programming. iPhone Development. Android Development. Analysis of application for graphics. Usability research / UI designing. Layout designing. Graphics designing. Graphics integration with UI. Business logic development and integration with UI. Code re-factoring for UI customization. Developer QA.

Experience & Qualifications

I have more than 4 years experience in web development. Have designed and developed many website and web applications. Created a web based Library management system to schedule employee shifts and mark attendance in ASP.NET. Also,developed a HR management system to keep the records of all employees and to manage them in ASP.NET using C#.Designed a nursing test system n ASP where online medical exam can be taken with VB.NET.