Master’s in Business Administration. Advance Diploma in Creative Writing, Diploma in Information Technology.

My Expert Service

I can mentor in fields of IT, Computer Science, Sociology, Economics, Management, Statistics, Marketing, IR, Finance, Media Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Engineering and others. I am available to help and mentor 24/7. You may trust me fully as I never let my clients down. I work truthfully and is a sincere professional. I am very cooperative. My goal is to provide quality services within the given deadline. I am a full time professional on Presto Experts and have great experience of tutoring and mentoring the clients from almost all levels of education and fields. As defined by my clients, I am friendly, helpful and prompt. My ability to effectively manage time to be highly committed attracts the clients most. I can assist you in Computer Science, IT, Life sciences, Literature, History, microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Current issues, Management, Marketing, Finance, Psychology, Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Fluid mechanics, Engineering, Surveying, structure design, Humanities, Education, Political Science, English, Physics, Mathematics and others.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been serving in both small and large companies at various position in IT section. I have mainly served as a Senior Developer, Designer, Project Manager and Senior Technical Writer. I'm proficient not only in several Development tools, but also in Database Design, Administration and Functional & Technical Analysis. In order to complement my technical skills I've also acquired Project Management skills that help me plan, organize and control small and Large Development Projects.