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I have Masters in IT Management and 5 years experience in delivering support to individuals and small businesses in Telecommunication


Masters in IT Management (UK)

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Foundation for network management, telecommunications networks: changes in motion, simple network management protocol (SNMP), telecommunication management network (TMN), telecommunication information networking architecture (TINA), web based enterprise management (WBEM), policy based management, directory enabled networking (DEN), next generation operation support systems (NGOSS), managing projects in telecommunication services, web services distributed management (WSDM), advances in network management research, LTE services management, telecommunication system engineering, categories of projects in telecommunication services, Telecommunication service projects characteristics, standards and innovations in telecommunication services, telecommunication and project management context, information and communication management, resources management, quality management and vendor management, risk management, telecommunication network reliability, long distance network design and management, digital transmission systems, digital switching and networks, local area networks, wireless LANs, integrated services digital networks, network design issues, network design tools, switching technologies, requirements for next generation networks, enabling technologies, architecture, performances and equipment, network operational costs, telecommunication core network architecture, network layering, Network Convergence over IP, technology for telecommunications: optical fibers, amplifiers and passive devices, transmission systems architectures and performances, hardware architecture of optical transmission systems, convergent network management and control plane, management automation: the future of network and service management etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I got 5 years (2000-2005) experience as IT Consultant of well reputed company Bisma Engineering & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. My 3 years’ of (2006-2009) experience as a Business & IT Consultant of RSS Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. & Alied Bank Limited has supported me to provide professional and expert services to you. I am running consultancy firm since 2010. Its specialized scope of work include developing, Implementing and reviewing on continual basis of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Corporate Organizations.