taneesha Ali

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Expert in:
Computers & Programming

I can help in COMPUTER and PROGRAMMING tasks like C# Excel, Excess, networking Database, Java and MS Project.



My Expert Service

I can provide my mentoring services in the areas of Computer and Programming, Social sciences, Humanities and Business. I am here to provide guidance to my clients who are seeking help in understanding problems and need guidance from a professional mentor. I would love to help all learners to achieve their desired goals through mentoring and professional supervision. I would welcome all my clients to come up with their issues/problems to get guidance from my vast array of mentoring services

Experience & Qualifications

I am a qualified mentor with Master in information Tachnology, Bachelors in Arts and social work and Masters in Business Administration. Along with the sound educational background, I boast an impressive career in the tutoring and mentorship along with the professional experience of two multinational companies in Management department. I have done mentorship certification to provide authentic guidance to my clients.