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Visual Basic

Contact me for the best services in VB (Visual Basic), VB.NET, VBScript, ACCESS VBA, EXCEL VBA, Visual Basic Access, Web services with VB, ASP.NET with VBscripting and more...


Btech I.T

My Expert Service

I can help in many topics like: Programming in different languages like C/C++ & java - Databases like SQL server 2000 & mySQL, and developing dabase based applications - Using different IDEs Like visual studio 6, visual studio .net 2005, eclipes, and many others - Very good at Data Structures - Very good at software engineering - Very Good at using different APIs like JDBC - Very Good at Artificial Intellegence topics - Have very good research abilities

Experience & Qualifications

Done many collaborative projects with different languages, working on an open source project with a team, worked as a trainee in a multi-national sw development company