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Java script based interactive content, form validations, Web based calculators and tools, Fancy navigation menus for your websites, fixing browser errors for your web site


B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

My Expert Service

Diverse range of services related to web servers, web page design, database integrations, custom content management systems using open source tools and technologies. Java Script gives your pages interactivity the visitors need. Some best user interfaces can be designed in web using Java Script. Ask me today how Java Scripts can be used to make your home more interactive and information present to user will be better utilized and accessed. Javascripts * All the interactive features of the websites such as Fancy Drop down menus, dynamic search boxes, Form Validations, interactive Ajaxified features rely on Javascript. Often challenge is when certain browser dont support certain function, or there are errors browsers which cant be easily pin pointed as to what is causing them. * I offer comprehensive support in Javascript related issues no matter what back end programming langauge is used, such as PHP, ASP, dot net , JSP etc if you get any errors in browser of Java script I will be able to help identify provide solutions so maximum users are able to visit and utilise your website error free. * I also develop interactive features using Javascript such as Pricing calculators, instant quotation tools,Various type of interactive tools that need on the fly computations in browser as you might have seen on Bank websites for interest calculators , EMI calculators, insurance premium calculators etc health related calculators and so on, ask me for such stuff to spice up and add fun to your website so visitors have more indulging stuff and spend more time on your site rasing chances of them becoming your clients and leaving better impression on them.

Experience & Qualifications

More than 10 years of experience in developing Java script intensive web pages. I can help debug those annoying cross browser issues to make sure your site works in all browsers. Running my own web development company specializing in open source web development in general. I can develop custom tools for your website for any interactivity you need with website visitors.