Vincen Java VB CPP .NET

Vincen Java VB CPP .NET Away
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With the experience is more than 6 year, I can develop applications in C++ language.


Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

My Expert Service

My expertise in C++ and I developed lots of applications using C++ basic or advanced on both Windows and Linux platforms with the most suitable price. My skills in this area are as follows: + C++ (basic or advanced) language (Linux and Window Based Compilers) + Compiler: g++, Cygwin, gwin, DevC++, Emacs, VI and Visual Studio, NetBeans and Eclipse.

Experience & Qualifications

+6 years of Teaching Experience. +1000 freelance at other website about this field. +5 years Practical Programming Experience. Continuously enhancing Expertise for new Technologies and Advances in IT Industry.