Lemorian Away
Expert in:

I have 8+ years of experience in C and C++. I have good knowledge in various c++ development tools like visual studio, linux gcc,g++, boost c++ etc


Btech I.T

My Expert Service

I can help in many topics like: Programming in different languages like C/C++ & java - Databases like SQL server 2000 & mySQL, and developing database based applications - Using different IDE Like visual studio 6, visual studio .net 2005, eclipse, and many others - Very good at Data Structures - Very good at software engineering - Very Good at using different APIs like JDBC - Very Good at Artificial Intelligence topics - Have very good research abilities

Experience & Qualifications

B Tech I.T 8 Years Experience in IT Industry. I have worked in Numerous projects in Banking and Insurance Sector. I have developed C++ programs related to Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems and Cryptography.