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Digital circuits,Electrical Circuits,Micro controller,JSP, HTML,C, C++, C#,Java,SQL,MATLAB, Java Script, Web Designing,WEKA,UML,Visual Logic, Data structures,Operating systems


Master of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

My Expert Service

I can provide expert guidance in the following Electrical & Electronics subjects :

Expertise fields

Expertise topics

Electronics: Semiconductors, BJT,Diodes,ORCAD.
Mathematics: Laplace transform, Differential equations, Matrix, Algebra, Geometry, probability, differentiation, Integration.
Circuits: Node and Mesh Anaysis, Maximum power transfer, transfer functions, Two port networks.
PIC Microcontroller: 18series PIC, Assembly programming, ADC, USART, Timers, SPI.
Microprocessor: 8085 & 8086 microprocessor, Mnemonics, Assembly programming, LC3 Programming.
MATLAB: analysis, Bode Plot, Polar Plot, 2D plot & 3D plot, functions, GUI.
Measurements: Wheat stone bridge, force sensor, energy meters.
Digital: Boolean algebra, logic gates, flip flop, karnaughs map, counters, encoders, decoders.
Controls: Maison gain, block reduction, time and frequency response, root locus.

I can provide expert guidance in the following areas:

Expertise Skills

Expertise Areas

C : Object Oriented Programming.
C++: Advanced Datastructures and Algorithms.
Java\ J2EE: Database Management.
JSP, ... Advanced Operating Systems.
HTML: Web Technology.
CSS: Computer Organizations
MySQL: Electrical Circuits Analysis & Design.
MATLAB: Data WareHousing & DataMining
Visual Basic : Micro Processors & Micro Controllers
PHP : Mobile Communications

Experience & Qualifications

Working as senior Lab Engineer in one of the top software and hardware designing lab for last 2 years. I am doing programming as my regular work. Having good experience in digital circuit designing, robotic kit designing and data structure problems like linked list, double linked list, binary search tree, heap sort, AVL tree, Splay tree etc... .I can solve all graduate and undergraduate level works in a very limited time. I will provide you accurate solution and maximum support.I can work on variety of desk-top based and web based applications.