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Expert in:
3D Modeling

3 years experience in design. Can can teach any command related to Pro-e, creo elements or Solid works.


BSc Mechanical Engineer

My Expert Service

I'm a expert in CAD/CAM designing and can design any Model or project. Focuses primarily on design and manufacture of tooling for assembly and welding of automobile bodywork, jigs, and injection molds. My expertise are in solid modeling, surface modeling and assembly designs .Having different software's commands in hands i can design any model or project for which i m asked for. Specializes in use of Proe, creo elements and solid works.

Experience & Qualifications

3 years experience of mechanical systems design, modeling and analysis including CAD modeling, drafting, Finite Element Analysis, General Arrangement Drawings and Shop drawing in addition to creating animations for mechanical systems assemblies. Experience in importing/exporting CAD files to be used/ viewed by mostly all CAD softwares. CSWP, CSWP Sheet Metal, CSWP Weldment, CSWP Drawing Tool