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Expert in:
3D Modeling

Exceptional skill in 3d modelling, 3d rendering, animation, game design, AutoCAD, LISP, Prolog, C, C++, JAVA and others


My Expert Service

I will deliver high quality professional work related to 2d, 3d , multimedia, flash , game engineering, robotics, autocad, maya, and much more. There are ways to build 3D models from an array of images.As 3D printing setup is growing day to day, people are involved in finding new techniques to setup more 3 D models.It can be hardware typed scanners or software related like Microsoft Kinect, 123D Catch. I am giving a few list of simplified and complicated softwares.It can be easier when the list begins and much difficult or complex as the software changes. The highly complex softwares increases the freedom but time takes learning how to use them which makes difficulty. ike Sploder, Game maker studio, Construct 2 , Unity 3D etc Lot of work need to be done inorder to change from first-person action or first-person shooters mode to genre of game as we desire using the UDK.UDK's engine is coded in C ++ though but behavious of the game is coded using the Rnreal's version of Javascript, named UnrealScript.Even though UDK have full package to develop a game , but it will be complex for initial users inorder to become master in it. I can guide how to make these tools useful and create simple, medium or complicated games using these tools.

Experience & Qualifications

PHD and specially trained certificates have done many game designing projects Multimedia and video creation . lot of software handling skills. certification achieved for skilled 3d and 2d artist ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;