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Its been almost 20 years since i started providing user support. Outlook related problems are most common. That is why i am really good at sorting out outlook related issues.


I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Statistics. I have passed the CCIE and received a certificate from Cisco Systems. I have certifications in Office Suites.

My Expert Service

I specialize in the following categories: IP Addressing, sub-netting, super-netting, VLANs VPN issues - Configuring Cisco routers and switches of all kinds Cisco Access Control Server (ACS) Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 Microsoft Domain Controller (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory) Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Microsoft ISA Server Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010 Star Office

Experience & Qualifications

My recent job is as Sr. Manager Information Technology and my responsibilities include (but are not limited to): Manage WAN connectivity between sites Plan, design, deploy and maintain LAN connectivity. Plan, deploy, manage and maintain servers namely, File Server, Mail Server, Internet (Proxy) Server, Cisco ACS Server. Maintain Linux based ERP servers in co-ordination with the ERP team and also fill in as interim ERP supervisor when required managing: deployment, cloning, patching, reports, functionality etc. Plan, deploy, manage and maintain DMZ network structure. Manage all router connectivity, topology and transmission and make appropriate changes as and when required. Manage all VPN connectivity to more than thirty remote sites. Ensure that the network downtime is reduced to a minimum. Maintain backup of all servers on day to day basis. Troubleshoot network, application and hardware issues in minimum possible time. Provide 24 hour user support as required. Design, layout and maintain surveillance system network. I have extensive teaching experience as well.