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MSc Electrical Engineering

My Expert Service

I have 4+ years of experience in Microsoft Project. My Services related MS Project are WBS, Gantt Charts, scheduling, network Diagram,Flow charts, Plans etc., and I can also provide services in Social Sciences, Humanities, Marketing, IT, Excel, Project Management, Geology, Earth Sciences, Microsoft word, Life Sciences, Computer Sciences, Civil Engineering, Physics, Psychology, Law Engineering, Media Studies, IR , Machine learning and many others.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 4+ years of experience in Microsoft Project. I have worked in a lot of projects related Microsoft Project, C/C++, C#, Java, JDBC, JSP/Servlets,, classic ASP using IDE as NetBeans, Eclipse, codeblocks, visual studio and Jgrasp. PHP,, HTML, angular Js, javascript, jquery, web development tools, Networking, ,Linux, Unix are counted as my favourite subjects.