My Expert Service

I am a qualified Microsoft PowerPoint/Word expert. I can help you prepare amazing presentations that is visually appealing and professional; enhance your existing presentation by applying industry best practices; create Microsoft Word templates and format documents to professional standards with appropriate style definitions; create and format Microsoft Excel tables and charts. PowerPoint - Format to look professional, creative, and visually appealing - Define templates with master slides and placeholders - Build animations/transitions to enhance presentation aspects 2. Word documents - Setting up page layout/margins - Designing document cover page with appropriate title pages style and images where required - Setting up styles for use within the document for section headings/section sub-headings, numbered or bulleted lists, special quote format, etc. - Build automated TOC using the tool available in MS-Word and linking appropriate styles so that the TOC functionality could simply be refreshed post any future changes to the content. - Following best practice approaches while formatting, that addresses areas like appropriate page breaks, controlling widow/orphan formats, setting up required table headers that can replicate across pages, define and design appropriate headers/footers, use in-built feather to format footnotes/end notes, etc. 3. Microsoft Excel - Data entry and formatting in Excel with simple formula, chart creation and embedding in other documents.

Experience & Qualifications

I have more than 3 years of experience in MS Office application development along with lots of experience in helping people learn and implement computer science and programming concepts and have also developed many large scale projects using various programming languages and technologies in embedded and automation domains.