Masters in Computing , BS Software Engineering

My Expert Service

Object oriented programming using java and C#: GUI(swing api), Inheritance, polymorphism ,encapsulation, junit testing , jsp(java server pages), java I/O, java beans. Editor: Netbeans, Eclipse.JCreator ,BlueJ. Software Engineering : uml diagrams, use cases ,unit testing. Data Structures: Implementation of all standard and custom data structures from scratch. Database design and implementation (entity relationship diagrams, normalization). Database Administration: sql queries/ DML (nested queries, joins, stored procedures, functions, cursors). Connectivity of databases with programming languages (jdbc, odbc). Conversion of data from csv,xml,excel and other sources to sql .Database management systems (dbms) Microsoft sql server,Mysql,Oracle (schema design, sql queries, stored procedures, triggers) .Microsoft Access (Relationships, Forms, Custom Reports) ,Sql lite. Database applications in java. (Netbeans, Eclipse, JCreator). My expertise also includes web-based and desktop based projects. I can work on variety of applications from website development, redesigning existing sites, developing software, enhancing existing applications. Besides working on professional company based projects, I also support tutoring in various programming languages. Major web technologies : php , html , javascript , css , ajax , jquery , mysql , xml , xhtml , mysql , postgres sql , cakephp , codeIgniter , wordpress. Networking and data communication: Computer networks ,Wireless networking. Writing skills:Composition , Technical writing. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel , Microsoft PowerPoint.

Experience & Qualifications

I'm a highly motivated computer professional with keen interest in software-Development. 5 years of proven online presence at for providing software development help services. 4 years of teaching experience as computer science lecturer. have high success and client satisfaction rate,I will provide you consultancy services related to Information Technology and assist you through my vast experience and meritorious qualification.