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Available for any kind of assistance in C/C++, JAVA, OOP,OS,ALGO,Data Structures,Network Designing,Distributed computing, Network Security, Data Com etc....


MS in computer Science,PGD, MCSE, CCNA(R&S), CCNA(Security), SCJP.

My Expert Service

Working in IT industry for the last 5 years as a software developer (C++, Java,J2EE) for a multinational company.I am also Sun, Mircosoft & CISCO certified. And working for the last 3 years as freelancer on networking projects. I have worked on hundreds of networking projects while my professional career.I also love to teach science subjects, I am Expert tutor and have command on Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry,Economics Computer languages and programming. Because of my experience and maximum command on these subjects I hope that you will be satisfied enough. Many Academic Projects in Universities and Freelancing Projects. You can Contact me for any type of help Listed Below. 1. Java 2. C/C++ 3. Matlab 4. Visual Basic 5. ASP.NET 6. VB.NET 7. Databases (Oracle, SQL SERVER, My SQL, PHP, ACCESS) 8. SQL 9. Assembly Language 10.Operating System 11. Algorithms 12. Network Design. 13. Network Security. 14. Physics 15. Calculus and many more fields. Contact me for any kind of assistance. I will help you out in very short amount of time and on a reasonable Price.

Experience & Qualifications

I have got 5 years experience in different IT fields including programming,development, Network & System administration and above mention fields.I have various professional certifications from leading organizations.