MAY Away
Expert in:
Computers & Programming

I can offer tutoring and mentoring services in C++, Python, Java, Raptor, Web Designing and Development, Matlab, Mathematics and Physics.


My qualifications are as follow: Master in Computer Science, B.Sc. Engineering, Computer Programming & Web Development, Diploma in Computer Hardware and Software, Basics of Web Designing and Development, Diploma in Engineering Drawing and Graphics

My Expert Service

I can offer my services to help you with the problem you are facing in your work. I will guide you so that you will achieve accurate and authentic solution. I have expertise to provide help in following disciplines: Computer Languages ( Java, C++, Python, Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Matlab Scripting, Raptor Language ) Computer Basic Programming ( Programming for Beginners, Basics of Web Designing using Html, CSS and JavaScript ) Other Computer Issues ( Computer Repairing Problems, Installing Java, Troubleshooting, Computer Hardware Issue, Microsoft Operating System Issues, Computer Engineering Problem, Help For Computer Beginners ) Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio ) Computer Aided Design ( AutoCad, MathCad, Risa 2D & 3D ) Mathematics ( Algebra, Calculus (Differentiation and Integration), Statistics (Descriptive and Inferential), Series and Sequence, Permutation and Combination, Linear, Quadratic and Higher Degree Equations, Linear Programming, Binomial Induction ) Applied Mechanics ( Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Strain Gauges, Beams, Axial and Torsional Loading )

Experience & Qualifications

8 Year Experience in Computer Programming and Web Design and Development. I have been teaching Computer for last 7 years. Computer Hardware and Software experience of more than 5 years. I have extensive teaching experience in the field of Mathematics and Applied Mechanics. I will utilize all my experience to help and guide my clients.