Lemorian Away
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Computers & Programming

Services In C/CPP, Visual C++,C#,JAVA,VB,Visual Studio,flex,flash,and other Web Applications at an affordable price.I can Provide Remote Desktop Assistance for PC problems.


Btech I.T

My Expert Service

I can help in many topics like: Programming in different languages like C/C++/C# & java - Databases like SQL server 2000 & mySQL, and developing dabase based applications - Using different IDEs Like visual studio 6, visual studio .net 2005, eclipes, and many others - Very good at Data Structures - Very good at software engineering - Very Good at using different APIs like JDBC - Very Good at Artificial Intellegence topics - Have very good research abilities my profile

Experience & Qualifications

Done many collaborative projects with different languages, working on an open source project with a team, worked as a trainee in a multi-national sw development company