Master’s in Business Administration. Advance Diploma in Creative Writing, Diploma in Information Technology.

My Expert Service

Talking about help for beginners I am here to mentor them, I am highly motivated having experience in programming, Web Designing and Development, Databases modeling, network administration including firewalls, internet testing/ development, project and product management, assembling. I can teach you to make flow charts, algorithms designing, data structure, micro controller, digital logic design and can write complex SQL statements as well. My experience can also mentor you in understanding tasks in more effective way, so you can solve them easily and in less time. I can also teach you that how to do programming in Java, PHP, C, C++ and C# and also how can you remember their formats, how to use strings, pointers, arrays, stack and programming tools. I follow standards for tutoring databases, html, My SQL, JavaScript, web services, UML, ERD, DFD, Use Cases, Project Management, Data Analysis and Business Management plus Marketing. I have been freelancing for 5 years and you may check my reviews that I got from my respectable clients. I love to mentor, work and communicate with clients. Feel free to ask me any sort of help in programming, management or any type of task, you may mail me or leave a message if you find me away.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been serving in both small and large companies at various position in IT section. I have mainly served as a Senior Developer, Designer, Project Manager. I'm proficient not only in several Development tools, but also in Database Design, Administration and Functional & Technical Analysis. In order to complement my technical skills I've also acquired Project Management skills that help me plan, organize and control small and Large Development Projects.