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Buying a new PC

I have been in the IT Industry for almost 20 years. I feel confident that I can help you with just about anything you need that pertains to technology


Associates Degree in Computer Technology

My Expert Service

I will help you solve your computer issues no matter how big or small with the customer service that maybe you wouldn't expect but should always receive. I will work hard to figure out any and all answers for you, and you will receive the one on one treatment that you deserve. I have spent my whole career solving problems that have ranged from very complex to very simple. I treat each problem the same way because if it is your problem, it is a big problem for you that you need to get solved. I will work hard to not only solve your problems, but hope that you will come back to me for help when you need it. I can work on a wide range of issues that range from advice on buying a computer, to helping you create a spreadsheet or a text document, or I can help you build a home network. Having the technical knowledge is a big part of helping people, however, I also possess the customer service skills that will hopefully make you want to come back to me when you need answers for your technology needs. I hope to talk to you soon. And, thanks to Presto Experts for affording me the opportunity to share my skills.

Experience & Qualifications

Almost 20 years of experience in IT in many different industries. I have never specialized. I have always tried to be a jack of all trades. My IT journey has led me to work in many different industries. I have worked for a school district, a software company, a private IT services provider, a bank, a behavioral health center, and a hospital. I have enjoyed each place for different reasons, and I was and are exposed to alot of great technology. I am Certified in Microsoft products as well as working on other industry certifications. I have the patience to work with the most novice of user as well as the knowledge to work with the most advanced user.