Shakeel Sultan

Shakeel Sultan Away
Expert in:
Chip Design

4 years Experience in ASIC and FPGA based Designs, I have worked on chip level development of Signal Processing, Multimedia, Processor Design and computer Architecture Project


MS(EE),BS(EE),FSc, Matriculation

My Expert Service

I have a great understanding of computer Architecture and with the grip that I have in Hardware Descriptive Languages (i.e. VHDL and Verilog), it becomes a fun to map Algorithms on underlying Fabric of ASICs and FPGAs. Following are the few of the projects that I have undertaken Design and FPGA Implementation of Low Pass Filter. Design and FPGA Implemntation of High Pass Filter. Design and Implementation of Moving Average Filter. FPGA Implementation of 8-bit PicoBlaze Microcontroller Core. FPGA implementation of RISC and CISC Architectures. In these Projects I obtained Speed, Power and area efficiency by using high level techniques like Retiming, Pipelining, Resource sharing, clock gating etc. Moreover, I also have worked and developed interfaces like, serial communication, PCI and Ethernet.

Experience & Qualifications

With more than four years of Design Experience, I have been doing Projects in VHDL and Verilog targeting various FPGAs like, Spartan-III, Virtex-II pro, Virtex-V and Xtreme DSP development kit since Fall-2003. Following are some of my Projects: Implementation of a 32-bit RISC Processor. Design and Implementation of a vending Machine. Design and Implementation of Digital backend of an ISO-15693 compliant RFID Tag. Implementation of a Delta Sigma Modulator. Worked on Microblaze Processor targeting Vitex-V ML501 and was able to up all the ML501 interfaces. Designed a dual core Microblaze system with application level task sharing, mimicing a producer consumer Model. Ported uclinux on Microblaze Implemented an RTOS Scheduler and added this core onto Microblaze PLB.